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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cute Boy Kroger

So, the Kroger on Briarcliff at N. Highland by Emory seems like it should be cute boy Kroger - only because, as I stated, it is near Emory, but alas, I have not seen a cute boy their yet.

But this is not the point.

My roomate & I sometimes take little adventures, where we jaunt off down the road and embark on short but wonderful journeys, of which always somehow includes a dose of strange hilarity.
One time, we were in the store and we were on the 2nd floor, where the beer is, yes, a TWO FLOOR grocery store - weird, I know. Anyways, below in the produce section were 4 people and one of the guys was yelling things and making long shot's into the shopping cart of a variety of fruits & vegetables. Then, all we hear is WALNUTS! WALNUTS! WALNUTS!
You get the picture..

So on this particular eve, we went to get a bottle of wine so we could drink it - we decided to add to the trip a little breakfast shopping spree as well. So both of our arms full of a bunch of stuff, we trudge up to the cashier. Scanning, scanning, scanning, Your total is $30.30
My roomate looks in her purse, and discovers no wallet. It must be in my car she says....and runs out to retrieve it.
Leaving me
standing there
like a moron.
I am laughing to myself, b/c I was going to bring my purse, but I was just along for the ride, leave my purse at home she says - you don't need it!
So then, she comes back in with a check-but NO DRIVERS LICENCE.
The store manager happened to be the geeky guy standing behing me in line - who by the way looks no older than a 25 year old dork boy. He pipes up, dontcha have anything with your name on it and a picture - she proclaims YES! I have my teacher ID card! Then she darts out the door to her car again, leaving me standing there again like a moron.
She is quicker this time and the day was saved!

Another fantastic adventure with Nancy J and Emily Drew!


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