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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Butch Walker

I have been in love with Butch Walker since 1994...and I am more in love now than I was when I first saw him in the bushes outside my apartment with that slut in the yellow dress back in Statesboro...I remember wishing I was that girl, at the same time I was thinking what a trashy girl to be acting that way.

Funny how perception changes everything...

I am watching the Atlanta concert of Butch at the Variety Playhouse last June - he's doing Cigarete Lighter Love Song - God I love that song....It's one of the last songs that the Marvelous 3 ever wrote & performed together/

I can't put my finger on it, but one of the things I love most about Butch is watching him perform, singing especially, he just has so much passion and charisma and personality and his facial expressions are just beautiful, as well as his voice. GOD, what a fantastic beautiful soulful voice. And his lyrical composition - I just love the way he writes. "Hello can I take your order, I've been waitin for day-ays....I'd like a little compassion, with a side of may-o-naise..."


But I also feel like such a LOSER loving him so...I feel like a teenager when I watch him. Me & my friend Kat are the same way about him, as well as every female in Atlanta I think, and this is why I feel so GAY for loving him as I do. I mean, I know its a total fantasy, but since I SORT-OF know him, then it hits a bit closer to home than say, lusting after Johnny Depp or Matthew McConaughey whom I will most likely never encounter.

"I shed 5 bitter tears, into 5 bitter beers...looked at my watch & said where have the years gone?; I'm wasting away like a castle of clay...slowly crumbling too..."


Blogger kelly said...

i feel your pain honey. He is soo amazingly talented...Damn him

1:10 AM

Anonymous kat said...

Cross my heart, I would die
Shove the needle in my eye
Be your sugar, I could try
Where's the papers, let me sign
All I want is to be wanted by BUTCH!!!!

11:22 AM


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