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Friday, February 02, 2007

Big Week...

This has been a big week for me. On Monday, I told that man that I love, that I love him, always have and always will. Today (Friday) I have a meeting which I will ask for a "market level adjustment" in my salary.

The thing I did on Monday wasn't planned for Monday, but it was planned, and had been for awhile, just not for on my lunch break. I was actually hoping to do it in the evening hours after a couple of cocktails had been consumed (liquid courage u know). However, as we all know, it doesn't matter how much you plan for something, it's typically not going to go exactly as you expected. Anyways, it went well and I will skip all the details because I don't feel like sharing them with everyone. I would like to keep this part of my life private -so don't ask me about it in person if you see me - I am in a good place right now and it will be awhile before I hear back from him I am sure of that, and that is just fine with me. I just needed to get it off my chest and put it out there. Stir the coals a bit is all. I am not ready to change my lifestyle just yet...in time I will be, but I am good right here, right now. I just wanted him to know how I felt because life is short and you never know how long any of us have here. SO we are good and I feel as if a weight has been lifted.

On to the next big thing...
I am pretty nervous about this. I have never done this sort of thing before. (well, I hadn't ever done the first thing either, but that was cake compared to the anxiety I am having on this one!) So if you are reading this, send me up a little prayer or wish of good luck today. I need all the confidence I can muster and I hope I will choose the right words. That is all for now, I need to read over all my papers I have prepared just one more time.

Blue out~!


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