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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Window Busted!

My roomate's car got broken into last night! Her back window is totally busted out - and we park in a back parking lot too! There were 2 other cars on our street with busted out windows, but there were 3 other cars back in our lot that weren't even touched! But I think they were looking for a laptop cuz there was her bag dumped out on the ground that looked like a laptop bag - but it just had bunch of her teaching papers in there - plus one of the other cars DID get a laptop stolen out of it - totally sucks b/c her deductible is $250 and she NEVER has any extra $$ - I feel so bad for her! She woke me up crying this morning! SUX! What the hell is wrong with humanity that makes people think this is ok to do?

F'in crackheads....


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