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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ebb & Flow

It seems that there is a natural ebb and flow to all things. Take traffic for instance. No one really stays rigidly in their lane. Sometimes, people ride a little too far to the left or right side of the lane, almost on the dashed line that is supposed to contain them, however, if they are riding far right, and I am in the right lane, then I must accomodate to their obvious obliviousness to their positioning and "scooch" over a bit. I believe we do this unconsciously most of the times. Most of the time, we are oblivious ourselves, and just kind of feel the flow of the cars around us, therefore accomodating the natural ebb and flow of it.
That is if you aren't hell bent on trying to rigidly maintain your position without change.

I believe this applies very specifically to life as well.
We all have our plans and strive to go and be and do - but as we all know, sometimes, plans change without our consent, and always without our control. We may think, for instance, THIS is who we should be with, or THIS is the way it is suppossed to be, and then when it doesn't turn out how we expected, or hoped or wanted, we think to ourselves, what did "I" do wrong? Why did it happen like THIS? It wasn't supposed to happen like THIS, it was supposed to happen like THAT! Well, maybe if "I" do THIS it will go back to being how "I" wanted...blah blah blah and so on and so on until we are in a downward spiral of ME, MYSELF, and I.
Well, I got news for you. It isn't about you and YOU are never in control of what happens. It is just the natural ebb and flow of everything. You can make plans, and set goals, and strive, and try and work at it, but things will still always work out they way they are supposed to, not necessarily, how you WANT them to. You HAVE to believe in something greater than yourself, otherwise, you're just going to keep on getting frustrated with life, with situations, with everything, unless you can place it in someone else's charge. That way, you KNOW you have no control, and can go on with your life, making plans, and adjusting them to whatever life throws at you.

Like I said, ebb and flow.


So I recieve this newsletter from Kirk Weisler, author of The Dog Poop Initiative (check it out - it's really a great story and a way we should all try and live our life) Well, anyways, I receive a newsletter from him, which you too can sign up for, and I suggest you do b/c it is always very insightful, inspiring and just interesting. ANYWAYS, Here is what it had to say TODAY, which I thought was somehow eerily appropriate to this blog I posted earlier this morning...

"In many parts of the US the leaves have long since fallen to the earth. Here in Georgia they are still coming down. Last week, while on a mid morning walk with my oldest son Jacob the wind was cool and gusting. With each gust of wind hundreds of leaves would be blown from the tops of the trees and swirl and dance their way to the ground. There was one large stand of some 80 foot trees near the road that was really letting them go…and I remember thinking….”if I just hold out my hand, a leaf might just fall right into it”. So I held out my hand as we walked and a leaf fell right into it!

I was so excited that I told my 10 year old son Jake I had just caught a leaf and challenged him to do the same. With the next gust came hundreds of leaves swirling down towards us and the game was on! Jake ran this way and that trying, missing and trying again. After a few minutes of him no having any success… I began to wonder if I could do it again and joined in the attempt. For the next twenty minutes we were both running around in the street and yard laughing and chasing leaves. But we didn’t catch any until we were too tired to run anymore…then as we stood there catching our breath the wind delivered two leaves seemingly right to us and within the very same moment we both plucked one right out of the air.

Some goals are achieved by direct pursuit, focus and determination, while others seem to be realized by placing ourselves in a relaxed state of mind, and peaceful state of being, and a right place of patiently waiting. The discipline of getting ourselves in that “right place” physically, emotionally and spiritually, then allows and even creates an unspoken invitation for the desired thing to be obtained. The realization of the things we receive in this second state seem impossible to obtain in any other way. It reminds of a quote from a 64 year olds entry in one of those “I’ve learned books”

I've learned that if you pursue happiness, it will elude you. But if you focus on your family, the needs of others, your work, meeting new people, and doing the very best you can, happiness will find you.

Sometimes the right goal, is to become the right person, with a right attitude, and a right disposition. Then the right people come into your life, offering you more of the right opportunities and the right resources to realize the right results."

Bluegirl - OUT~!


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