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Monday, December 04, 2006


I know I can be a little bit of a hypochondriac sometimes. But I also know that in time, I will get over something, but not if you don't let me. This (blog) is just where I bitch and moan about stupid shit in my life. If I wanted to say it to you directly, I would have, but I didn't b/c I knew and I know that sometimes in a rage my feelings were hurt and I lash out. Don't we all? That is why silence is the best option until I can rationally gather my thoughts and sort out my feelings, and THEN I can approach you and deal with whatever situation accordingly...rationally...and without overreacting. But this blog, THIS is where I sometimes just need to vent. It doesn't mean I feel like this all the time or even the next day my feelings could have changed towards whatever I happened to be dealing with that day/week. whatever. But don't call me bitter b/c I happened to lash out to the world...to people who don't even know me, or you, or anyone I am referencing, it is always anonomous unless you happen to be the person it is about....I am just expressing myself.

I have always made it a rule of mine to never write something here that I would not say to the person's face who it is about. Or if they happen to read it one day, I wouldn't be ashamed of what I had written... I think I broke that rule with my last posting (which is now deleted). But at the time, when I wrote it, I didn't care and I wanted to hurt the person/people who had hurt me, even if what they did wasn't intentionally hurting me. Don't we all do this? Don't we all want to just get back at the ones who hurt us? Don't we always hurt the ones we love the most? Well, I hope that she can forgive me, she knows who she is. But I want her to know that I still need time until I can gain a better perspective on things, maybe then we can move on...


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