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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plasma & Phlebotomy

A phlebotomist is an individual trained to draw blood, either for laboratory tests or for blood donations. Source: Wikipedia

So I have been trying to donate plasma as a means to some income – I used to do it in Colorado all the time and so when I found out that they offer compensation for it here, I was in. But there were some complications with my asthma and had to go back a few times. So tomorrow will be the third time. So anyways, there is this creepy security guard who works there. At first, I thought he was nice, and he is, I suppose, but something about him just gives me the
hee bee gee bees. He’s a little “too” helpful, and I can tell what he’s thinking just by the way he looks and smiles at me. He hasn’t specifically said or done anything inappropriate, but I have a sort of sense about people. And my alarm is throwing up red flags all over this guy. I just realized that he probably has access to my address and all my information. Geez. That is no bueno.


So I made it through and donated 825 cc's of plasma today. I was at about 780 when I started feeling nauseous, and then tingly, and then the room started feeling weird, or my body did...they put an ice pack under my neck, put an alcohol swab under my nose, elevated my feet, and gave me some water, stopped the machine, put some more anticoagulant in the transfer, and I was fine within 5 minutes. Not scary, just felt like when they give you the laughing gas in the dentist chair, but not good fuzzy, bad druggie sick fuzzy.
But, All is well. $25 for my torment. Friday I'll get $40. Sweet. Money for nothin, and my chicks for free?

I also made $25 rolling dimes, nickels and pennies I've been collecting in a jar.
So, I will have made $90 this week for doing almost nothing... And last week, I deposited almost $1000 in checks - one from my previous apartment security deposit and 2 from work I had forgotten to cash in. That reminds me, I should have 1 more from my restaurant. Sweet.


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