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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nashville. Week One.

Tonight will be the 7th night I've spent in Nashville. It has been exactly one week since I've arrived and I've written 3 articles for the Examiner, been on an art crawl on bicycles (the bicycles were our idea, the art crawl is planned by the city), walked up and down the Cumberland River and all over Broadway and 2nd, checked out the ginormous library, found St. Patricks Church, started teaching myself how to play Ukalele, seen Blitzen Trapper, Melissa Mathes, and 6 other bands (read my articles online for more info on them) and bought a myself my very first pair of privos (got a KILLER deal too. Only paid $27. I rock.). And tomorrow I am going to the Grand Ol Oprey to be in a Dierks Bentley video. He's hot. Maybe he'll ask me out. That would be awesome.



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