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Friday, June 01, 2007

SOG: Casablanca


Last night was the first movie for this year's annual Screen on the Green at Piedmont Park here in Atlanta. The movie was Casablanca, and believe it or not, I had never seen that movie until last night! FINALLY, all those famous one-liners I have heard all my life have meaning - I mean, I understand what the hell they are referring to anyways...and I can tell you, I don't really think it was worth the wait..
Ahh, such is life..

I just typed "suck" is life - but changed it back - do u think this is some sort of Freudian slip, or just a typo?


Anyways, Y-O-U played before the movie played and they are always very enjoyable. That Nick has a beautiful voice.
Here is a photo of them with Baton Bob in the foreground!

And here is a photo of Just Baton Bob - aren't his legs fantastic?!

This weekend is Virginia-Highland's Summerfest!
This is the neighborhood where I live, so basically after I get home today from work, I won't have to drive until Monday morning! YAY!
Tonight is the Community & Volunteers Dinner dinner and a movie in John Howell park - only open to residents of Virginia-Highlands area and the food is going to be from Atkins Park, Atlanta's oldest continuously licensed tavern - YUM!

Saturday the music line-up is great! Peter Searcy, Tim Brantley, and Drivin-n-Cryin!
You can't beat that with a stick!



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