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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Roger Waters

Hello all!
I went to a fantastical concert last night - probably the best I've ever seen....
{{While Pink Floyd is an excellent show, I truly believe that the best show anyone could ever go and see is The Flaming Lips. Hands down, BEST SHOW EVER.}}

Originally that honor was held by Pink Floyd: David Gilmore at Bobby Dodd Stadium (Ga Tech) in Atlanta way back in 94...

We started at Headlines, the bar in a great location at Phillips arena - if you ever want to go to a show and you don't wish to spend too much money - buy the nose-bleeds and then just go hang out at this bar - the location is PRIME. The bar is right there, its less crowded than standing in line outside of the arena - plus you can still hear and see the music while waiting for your delicious cold beverage, the bathrooms have NO line, and you can meet lots of fun and interesting people, like the cute 23 yr old future lawyer named Lance.. The only complaint I might have about it is that the sound from that spot is less than perfect...
So the first half of the show was spent there...

He opened with..

"So ya, thought ya, might like to.....go to the show....
To feel the warm thrill of confusion......That space cadet glow
I got some bad news for you, Sunshine
Pink isn't well
He stayed back at the hotel
And they've sent us along as a surrogate band
We're gonna find out where you fans really stand
Are there any queers in the theatre tonight?
Get 'em up against the wall
There's one in the spotlight
Now he don't look right to me
Get him up against the wall
And that one looks Jewish
And that one's a coon
Who let all this riffraff into the room?
There's one smoking a joint
And that one's got spots
If I had my way
I'd have all of ya shot!"

Then we headed down to Section 109, row KK.....

AND Our seats were phenomenal!
I took a trip to the ladies room, where I saw a cute boy named Blake peeking his head into a suite and I said, hey what's in there? He said C'mon! So I went...
And we found our way into a SWEET Suite for a few songs...
Then I went back to my seats and lost my friends, but made a new friend named "Art"
He said:
"I'm Art"
and I said:
"Oh! I do art!
Not you.....for my job!"

He loved it.

Then I took leave of Art and found my way to about the 20th row (as you can see from the pics) for the last 2 songs...
Comfortably Numb being the very last...
And it was all worth it....
Every second.

The guitarist in the red photo is/was HOTT, he played at least 10 different beautiful Stratocaster guitars thoroughout the show and damn if I didn't wish I was one of them every time!

I could have, however, done without the Bush-bashing politicalness he threw in there...
It's not that I am FOR or AGAINST anything, it's just that I could care less and why ruin everyone's good time with some political propaganda?

I'm just hear for the music man....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw his show last night at continental arena in nj and agree completely with the political bit. I paid dearly to hear pink floyd music and could have done without the bush bashing

3:07 PM


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