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Monday, May 21, 2007

Memphis Mayhem!

772 miles & 2 1/2 tanks of $3 gas...

This weekend my friend and I traveled to Memphis for the Blues-n-BBQ festival - a month long celebration called "Memphis in May" and I'm not sure if more fun could be had by 2 saucy ladies!

We met Elvis PRIESTly, (yes a priest dressed as Elvis who also performs Elvis tunes in his ceremonies) , didn't pay for anything all weekend, (save for the hotel, one cup of Championship Gumbo from King's Palace on Beale St, 3 beers, & the $7 entrance fee to the BBQ festival), met the #1 BBQ team from 2001 "Pork Fiction" and partied with them all day Saturday, where they continues to feed us all the beer and ribs we wanted, saw Hank this dude we met at the Braves game home opener, met Preston Shannon, the "King of Beale St" and on the way back, stopped to get a photo and ended up getting a personal tour of Talladega race track by a nice security guard named Tracy...

I love my life!

If you want to see all photos, go to:


It's set to private so if you aren't my friend, then sorry....

~~~~~~~Pics!!! ~~~~~~~~

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Is this Lil Jon?!

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I KNEW he was Alive!
If only the numbnutz who took this pic would have gotten the whole thing then you would see my fingers on the fret like I was playing....Damn idiots and cameras......

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Yeah, that's the Bomb Squad.....Cuz we DA BOMB FO SHIZZLE!!!

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Imagine my friend YELLING at the top of her lungs through a festival of drunks "TAKE IT FROM BEHIND EMILY!!!" (she meant the photo...)



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