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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Double Agent

I live two separate, yet completely fulfilling lives.
Graphic Designer by day...Rock Star Schtick-talker by night.
It's funny cuz it's true!

I can honestly tell you, that I am not quite sure how I do it.
If I told you, how little sleep I, lately, require to function, I'm not sure you would believe me. SOmething happens to me at around 9:00 PM...my eyes pop open and I'm awake, trult awake for the first time all day.

SURE, my eyes open at about 6:00 AM...
SURE, I seem to manage to be able to drive to work, be productive all day, do some schtick around the office and drive home each and every Monday thru Friday...
Then I come home and start working on ME and MY STUFF for approx 2-3 hrs, take a little nappie-poo, then magically, fantastically, surrealy, absolutely, delicious watery cheap beer begins working it's power on me, propelling my eyes to open, my mind starts receiving even more fantastic thoughts; all entirely plausible and amazing.



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