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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Connor at Eddie's Attic

Good morning world.
After work yesterday I rode my bike 4 miles, ran 2 miles and then rode my bike another half a mile home. My legs were killing me this morning, but in a good way. Then I showered and had received a message on my VM from Connor (www.waitingforprincess.com) inviting me to be on the guest list for his show. I was originally going to head up to Limerick Junction in the highlands to see Adam Leland (www.demagogue.net) host open mic nite, but changed my mind last minute to go check out Eddie's Attic in Decatur - since I had never been there - which seems strange considering the amount of live music I see on a regular basis. Even Connor thought it was strange. His music is pretty mellow and reminds me of early Elton John a little bit. I kept hearing remnants of "Leave On" in his music. There are a few songs I have come to really enjoy. "Reason" is one of the ones that gets stuck in my head for a few days - which every musician likes to hear. I am currently listening to it online on his website and it sounds alot faster and somewhat "filtered" ? Other songs I like are: Eventually, Time By You and Waiting For Princess - but you'll have to buy a CD to hear them or go see him live, which I recommend anyway. Especially at Dixie Tavern on Windy Hill almost every Saturday nite from 10-2 am rockin the house Dixie style. I must say though, it won't be the same with out Mark Lusk (of the newly formed band FERNANDO - fantastic band - no website yet - playing this Thursday at Dixie, i think) on lead guitar. I enjoyed my time by him at the dixie. Until another time, peace, farewell, and keep rockin. (Phrase courtesy of Micheal Jones)


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